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Is imagination just about art?

You may be thinking that imagination is something nebulous. What are its actual applications? It is something that novelists and poets and painters use to create works of art, but what do those works of art actually do? Hopefully, our last post provided some insight into their importance. There will definitely be more to come on that, but that is not the only aspect of imagination we are interested in. We are also asking, “how can imagination be applied to the hard sciences to address some of the challenges facing our world today?”

Michael Pawlyn addresses exactly that question in this Ted Talk . Enjoy and sign up to attend and/or present at I Heart Imagination!



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A bit of our inspiration

The concept of imagination can be a bit abstract. You may be sitting in front of your computer wondering if it will really be worth your time to spend a weekend in San Louis Obispo listening to presentations and participating in an experience about… about what, actually?

Well, here is a piece produced by Open Source Radio that served as inspiration for the topic of this conference and may give you a better idea of the direction of the conference. It is an interview with Elliot Colla, a professor in the Arabic department at Georgetown University, about the role of poetry and literature in the Egyptian revolution.

Elliot Colla: “The Poetry of Revolt” in the New Egypt

Enjoy and sign up to attend I Heart Imagination!

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Headin’ to the West Coast!

Hello Everyone! We are excited to announce that the fourth I Heart Conference will be taking place on October 7th, 8th, and 9th at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo (SLO), California. This is an exciting opportunity to bring the magic of the I Heart conferences to a whole new crowd.

The topic for this conference is “I Heart Imagination”. The conference will explore the critical role of imagination in formulating visions for social change, sustaining movements, implementing change, and addressing the challenges facing the world we live in.

We will update this blog with the latest information about the conference including information about how to sign up to attend and/or present at the conference, housing arrangements, travel, and anything else that may be relevant. We are looking forward to seeing you in SLO on October 7th!


The I Heart Team

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