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Hey guys,

Whether it’s your first time, or 27th million time checking out this site, the FIRST THING you absolutely HAVE to do is go to our “About” section and REGISTER! I need to know how many people need a place to stay!!

In other, more exciting news, THE CONFERENCE IS IN 6 DAYS!! Are you excited? Because I’m excited.
Some more details about the conference, it starts on October 7th at 6 PM with registration in Building 26, Room 103. At 7 PM is the keynote speaker, Pete Schwartz, and after that we’re having super fun ice-breaker time! Also, food will be provided. So if you guys have a preference for what kind of food you would like (i.e. pizza, pasta, burritos, tacos, etc) let me know and it might be taken into consideration.

October 8th is the conference day and this conference is going to be a little bit different from all the other conferences you may have heard about or been to before, we’re not making an itinerary until Friday night after we’ve all hung out and talked for a bit -all the more reason for you to come to Friday night! But it’s also taking place in Graphic Arts Building 26, Rooms 103, 104, and 106.

October 9th is a fancy little breakfast send-off that everyone is invited to, and it’s just going to be a way to tie the whole weekend together. Location is still to be determined, if you are a SLOcal and have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

I hope everyone is getting pumped on this conference because I’m getting pumped to see all of you!!




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Headin’ to the West Coast!

Hello Everyone! We are excited to announce that the fourth I Heart Conference will be taking place on October 7th, 8th, and 9th at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo (SLO), California. This is an exciting opportunity to bring the magic of the I Heart conferences to a whole new crowd.

The topic for this conference is “I Heart Imagination”. The conference will explore the critical role of imagination in formulating visions for social change, sustaining movements, implementing change, and addressing the challenges facing the world we live in.

We will update this blog with the latest information about the conference including information about how to sign up to attend and/or present at the conference, housing arrangements, travel, and anything else that may be relevant. We are looking forward to seeing you in SLO on October 7th!


The I Heart Team

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